Lior Shoov


Born in: Israel ,

grew up in: the world.

in the spring, autumn and summer  based in Paris.

in winter time lives in Tel aviv.

wonderer,musician, singer song “rider”, inspired from the art of clown

and the simple magic of  instant expression.

my instruments: music; rhythms, voice, ukulele, kalimba, plastic tubes, bear bottles, spoons, hang, presence, humor, curiosity…

opening from my loneliness and most simple and wild self, to us.

communicating  trough our senses, in this time and space,

directly feeling your skin. my eyes meeting your eyes.

for the past 6 years i travel between France , Spain , Italy,

and israel, playing and making music in streets festivals , theaters, house concerts,

intimate music bars…

I love to travel and making travel happen!

in places  that people don’t expect to smile and listen to the life moving us !

I am playing music to feel the moment tickle our belly, cry silently, be  surprised

make us want to dance our way to freedom.

simply playing, everywhere!, mostly  when ever  you are around me.

places I’ve passed in:

Les trois baudets, au Limonaire, au Divan du monde, A Thou Bout d’chant,

Les Hall Des Chars\Friche Laiterie, Biplan.

street arts festivals:

Avignon, Aurillac, Chalon dans la rue, Tarrega (spain) Spoffin, Dotinchem

buitengewoon (Holland).

About the show:

“Its not a normal concert, its something else…

Lior reviles with the audience the spontaneous moment in which she goe’s through in the show.

playing on Kalimba, Hang, Ukulele , plastic tubes, bells, bottles , body percussion,kids organ and other random  things she finds on the place.

she creates a space of generosity in which she is willing in every second to expose and be in danger,  discovering the essence of  her self  inside the show.

she sings her self, her voice rises up from inside of her in a sort of wild naivety.

some songs are written before hand, some songs are being created in the moment. bursts out of her soul. her presence and her direct look invites the audience to be fully part of what is happening.

when you come to see the show we don’t feel as a spectator, we feel an explorer, meeting the limits of your self and the possible way to cross them, not with violence, but through some kind of an internal journey in which all is possible.

also in the moments of embarrassments,as well in the moment of confusion ,or perhaps mostly in those moments, the experience is that everything is possible.

the internal rythem joins the external and it changes all the time, like in life”.